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PosteRiso – set#7 (3x Roman Klonek)

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PosteRiso#7 – 3 riso prints by Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek - welcome to Oficyna Peryferie! We're very happy to host great german printmaker Roman Klonek as an artist participating in PosteRiso project! Roman gave as a licence to print on Riso three of his wonderful woodcuts. Here we have all of them:

Set of 3 prints: „In Your Room", „Hey Kids" and „Hello Stranger"

Author: Roman Klonek

Print technique: Riso

Format: A3 (420/297mm)

Paper: Munken Pure 240g 

Print run of every artwork: 100 copies

Signed on backside by 3 stamps: „printed on Riso by Oficyna Peryferie”, number X/100, signature „edition I" oraz information about title and author.

What PosteRiso is?

PosteRiso is Oficyna Peryferie's publishing project. Every three months we release new set of riso prints created by different artists invited to the project.

The goal of the PosteRiso is to encourage people to set up own collection of contemporary artworks. This project is to make it easy for print lovers and enthusiast to get prints from various artists, illustrators and designers.

If you are Poste Riso Fan annual subscription is probably something you'd be interested in! It is one of ways of purchasing prints. After purchasing it once, you'll get a set of three posters every three months from us!

If you're interested in only one of the works from PosteRiso#7, you can find it here

Got questions? Want to say hi? Let’s keep in touch! Email us here: hello@oficynaperyferie.pl

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