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How to make a book? (PL – Jak Zrobić Książkę?)

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"How to make a book" is a first bookmaking manual for artists working with books.

Book currently available only in polish language!

"How to make a book" is a first bookmaking manual for artists working with books. If have ever dreamed about making your own publication, that book is for you!

- How a book is made?
- Where does a form of a book come from?
- How to prepare your project using DIY techniques?
- How to stitch and bind your book?

This book is a mixture of theory and practice. It's a result of bookmaking workshops I've been conducting mostly in Poland since 2015. More than hundred editions and more than 1500 graduates guarantee that knowledge, tips and tricks described in that book can help you realise your dream about making own book.

The book is also self-publishing manifesto. It is printed by the author on Riso and self-published in Oficyna Peryferie.

About the author:

Michał Chojecki – born 1985, visual artist, printmaker and publisher. Assistant professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, dedicated his PhD thesis to artists books (2015). Founder of independent print studio and publishing house Oficyna Peryferie. He specializes in stencil print techniques and bookbinding. Author of polish bestseller "How to make a book" - bookbinding manual for beginners.

SECOND EDITION (polish language only)! 

Layout: Natalia Łajszczak

Illustration: Natalia Łajszczak and Marta Tomiak

Pages: 104

Format: A6

cover/binding:  hard cover, canvas / soft ota-bind

Print run: 500 copies (hard), 300 (soft)

Print technique: Riso, 3 colors (blue, pink, yellow)

Paper: hard: Munken Pure Rough 90g, soft: Ecco Book 80g vol2.0

Got questions? Want to say hi? Let’s keep in touch! Email us here: hello@oficynaperyferie.pl

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