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Untitled I (PosteRiso#13)

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Riso print „Untitled I" by Ramon Keimig (PosteRiso#13)

Title: Untitled I

Author: Ramon Keimig

Print technique: Riso

Colours: black, black to navy blue

Size: A3 (420/297mm)

Paper: Munken Pure 240g

Print run: 100 copies

Edition I

Signed on the backside by 3 stamps: „printed on Riso by Oficyna Peryferie”, number X/100, signature „edition I" and information about title and author.

My printing commentary: This is the first of Ramon’s works which I printed. I had some leftover black paint and only after a few copies a message popped up on the machine: there’s not enough paint to keep on printing. Quick look at the shelf, all the colours are there, but not the black one! What should I do? Order some more and wait? Maybe I’ll have a play around.
Before I discovered Riso, I have been working a lot with screen printing. One of its common techniques is spilling paint on the mesh to achieve gradients from various colours mixing in sometimes more, sometimes less predictable manner.
Having this method in mind I decided to experiment on Riso. I put navy blue paint to the cylinder for the black one. Copy after copy, leftover black paint has been vanishing from the matrix, and navy blue has started to take its place. Because rolls apply paint unevenly, strips of colours started to appear giving the impression of uneven light and space. (Michał Chojecki, 28.09.2020)

What is PosteRiso?

PosteRiso is Oficyna Peryferie's publishing project. Every 3-4 months we release a new set of Riso prints created by different artists invited to the project.

The goal of PosteRiso is to encourage people to set up their own collection of contemporary artworks. This project aims to make it easy for print lovers and enthusiasts to get prints from various artists, illustrators and designers.

Prints are available individually as a set and as a subscription!

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